Household Maids & Cleaning Services in Middelburg/Witbank - Mpumalanga (South Africa) Middelburg Commercial & Domestic Cleaning Services and Maid (domestic worker) recruitment agency in Mpumalanga (Witbank - Middelburg)
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Dial for a maid & all your Cleaning Needs!

Household Maids & Cleaning Services | Middelburg Cleaning Services | Commercial & Residential Cleaning Staff Witbank | Mpumalanga Domestic Workers & Cleaning Services

Household Maids & Cleaning Services is based in Middelburg (Witbank, Mpumalanga, South Africa) and offer professional cleaning services and domestic workers recruitment agency. Maid recruitment services and residential/home cleaning, commercial/office cleaning, Event cleaners, Deep cleaning, Once-off cleaning services, Move in Cleaning, Move Out cleaning, Post construction cleaning, After party cleaning, Before party cleaning, Routine cleaning services & more

Welcome to Household Maids & Cleaning Services


Tired of unreliable & referred Domestic Workers that do not live up to the standard?


Then Household Maids & Cleaning Services is the solution to keeping your home and even your work place spotlessly clean!


We do not limit our services to only cleaning homes, we have extensive services to meet ALL your cleaning needs & requirements. Specializing in the following;


  • Stay-out/ Char Domestic Worker Placement services
  • Office Cleaners Placement Services
  • Residential Cleaning
  • Commercial Cleaning Services
  • Post Construction / Dust removal
  • Industrial Cleaning
  • School Toilet Cleaning


Household maids & cleaning services offer outstanding and incomparable cleaning services that are tailor-made to suit the client’s cleaning needs. Our Domestic Workers & cleaners are fully in-house trained and equipped with skills to perform their duties to perfection and 100% satisfaction.

Middelburg Residential and commercial cleaning services and maid recruitment agency in mpumalanga Middelburg Domestic workers Recruitment and cleanign services in Mpumalanga (Middelburg & witbank - South Africa) Event cleaners (Before party Cleaning & After party cleaning) services in Middelburg, Witbank - Mpumalanga


We interview our clients by appointment in order to find out what our clients are looking for so that our team is able to do a comprehensive job according to specification and special requirements from the clients. Ensuring that each one of our customers' cleaning needs and demands are met and are fully satisfied with our services. From the interview we do a shortlisting of candidates where if required, the client may meet them before they report to duty.


All our employees are well trained and experienced in this industry. And since safety is one of our key elements, each of our candidates go through a thorough security screening to ensure that our clients feel safe with their new cleaning employee.


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