Household Maids & Cleaning Services in Middelburg/Witbank - Mpumalanga (South Africa) Middelburg Commercial & Domestic Cleaning Services and Maid (domestic worker) recruitment agency in Mpumalanga (Witbank - Middelburg)
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Household Maids & Cleaning Services | Maids Recruitment in Middelburg | Mpumalanga Cleaning Services (Commercial & Residential)

Household Maids & Cleaning Services offer many different services in middleburg/Witbank (Mpumalanga - South Africa) such as maid recruiting services, appointing a domestic worker to their clients as well as a wide range of cleaning services such as residential, commercial (office), events, after party, before party, deep cleaning, one time cleaning, post construction clean, move in clean, move out clean, wall washing, floor washing, garage organising and packing, window washing, curtain washing, pavement washing and more

Household Maids & Cleaning Services




Our services are customized to our clients’ needs, but this is a general overview of what our services include.


Maid Placement Services

We offer well trained maids that carry out duties according to the client’s need and are remunerated according to the recommended rate at the time of employment. Our Domestic Worker services offer Char services that are structured according to the South African labour law act.

We offer our staff training on simple cooking & baking recipes, wet and dry household cleaning, washing and ironing and basic skills on how to care for children.


  • Char / Day-in Maid - We offer households and businesses well trained Domestic Worker & cleaners.
    We charge an annual once off placement fee for our domestic and commercial (office cleaning) placements. The staff is trained and managed by Household Maids & Cleaning Services to ensure that you get the best service.

Household Cleaning Services



Routine Cleaning

We clean each room from the ceiling to the baseboards. Our services include (but not limited to) high dusting, vacuuming, window cleaning (interior), kitchen cleaning, bathroom cleaning, floor mopping, garbage removals etc. Offered on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis.



Deep clean/One Time Cleaning

Before your first routine clean, we perform cleaning that gets to every nook and cranny. We clean even the areas you have forgotten about.



Post construction cleaning

Deep cleaning that prepares your home for all the beauty it can contain. We do vacuuming and wet washing of all surfaces to remove post construction grit and grime leaving your home for fresh for day-day living.




We clean inside and outside of all appliances, cupboards, showers and toilets as well as whatever it is you need to be cleaned. The service is usually done when your home is completely empty but can be altered to fit your needs.


Event Clean-up

Be it a kiddies party or wedding, big or small events we know how cleaning up after can be a nightmare, let us take care of it. We restore the area to its original self, include: washing dishes, glasses, packing up the equipment used and picking up litter etc. Our staff comes in at the specified time by the client and will only leave when the client is happy.


Gardening Services

We do garden maintenance & landscaping services such as grass/lawn cutting ,edging & trimming. We service our clients' as and when required during all seasons because we know a beautiful  gardern & flowers always make people better & happier.


Additional services:


  • Washing walls
  • Washing windows (exterior and interior)
  • Washing curtains
  • Washing the pavement
  • Packing the garage etc.

Commercial & Industrial Cleaning services


Office cleaners’ placement - We assist in providing your business with quality and well trained cleaners. Whether it is on a permanent or temporary basis, we are able to provide you with our services.

Commercial & Industrial Cleaning services - No mess is too small or big for us to clean!


Commercial and Industrial Cleaning Services in Middelburg / Witbank Mpumalanga

It doesn’t matter if it is a shop or warehouse we ensure that your work place is of a good standard for maximum productivity. We provide full cleaning services that keep your facility, office or business area clean, neat and organized no matter the size or type of business.


We also do intense industrial cleaning which includes hygienic deep shower cleaning & sterilization. We use a wide variety of cleaning methods, chemicals and equipment to ensure that your work area is spotless!


School Toilets Sanitation Program


School Toilet Cleaning Services in Middelburg / Witbank, Mpumalanga


We also have a school sanitation programme. This involves analysis of the status of the toilets, its infrastructure working conditions and drainage systems.


A well-structured report is written including pictures of the school toilets status for records. The report also includes solutions to the problem and is presented to the school management and governing body to proceed towards a better solution in maintaining clean toilets at the school.


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